Our Services

Biometric Solutions (Voice, Fingerprint & Facial Recognition)

Digital transformation of society and economies are driving countries to meet new challenges to protect their citizens against identity theft and provide safe, online services. Biometrics helps address this challenge: it links our identities with our physical and digital selves. This reduces the risk of identity theft and facilitates the implementation of new identity management services which are both practical and secure. At Amplanalytics, we place a high value on identity and security and to drive this home we partner with some of the best Biometric Solution providers across Europe.

We are obsessed with pleasing our customers and ensuring they have a great user experience when they use our biometric platforms.

Client Software Development

We offer Custom Software Development and Consulting Services to help you accomplish your projects. We help our clients to transform their crucial business processes into efficient systems. We have delivered and implemented custom software development solutions for startups, enterprises digital agencies.

Gaming (Educational Games)

At Amplanalytics, we understand and focus on children’s diverse cognitive abilities in learning. Educational games are those intentionally designed for the purpose of education, or those entertainment games that have incidental or educational values. One of the key values here is that they help children’s brain development. As one of our main contributions to the educational sector, this is one of our area of focus. Games can be a powerful tool to help children develop certain life skills. They can help parents choose appropriate leisure games and help educators seek ways to complement classroom teaching.


We understand that every client who decides to implement a new Software Solution essentially wants to enhance their business performance and overall progress. Consultancy is the significant step in a collaboration between IT solutions provider and client. Every client desires a consultant who will provide consultation and advice from a ‘personal experience’ point of view. The client expects automation and digitalization of his businesses to yield maximum profit and we understand these requirements completely.